Our Services

We Fix Computers and Mobile Phones.

Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair

Computers Repairs Plus is serving the local users to give a smooth desktop, personal, office, and educational computer experience. You can hit us to fix any desktop computer issue. The expert and skillful IT technicians of Computers Repairs Plus are professional to do the following;

  • Desktop PC Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Apple Mac Repair
  • Custom Built PC Repair
  • Gaming PC Repair
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Data Backup & Data Recovery
Custom Build Computer

Custom Build Computer

We are also an experienced team to build up your ordinary PC to make it special for particular tasks. If you have an ordinary system, we will renew it amazingly. You can contact us to build your custom PC for special gaming purposes. We are also here to build up its special parts for educational, official, home users. You will have a special system for video and image editing operations.

iPad / Tablet Repair

We will be your front helper to repair the broken screen, front glass, defective charging ports, battery replacement, camera replacement, home key replacement, microphone repair, water damage, data backup, and software problems. We are expert in the following regarding tablet repairing;

  • Microsoft Surface
  • Apple iPad
  • Android Tab
  • Google Nexus
  • Amazon Tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy tab
Cell phone repair and fix

Mobile Phone Repair

Is your cell phone broken?
Have you dropped your cell phone in the water?
Is its home button not working?
Or have you broken the LCD of your mobile phone? Don’t worry!

Computers Repair Plus can resolve all these issues. We will repair all problems of all iPhone, Samsung, and LG brands.
You can hire us to repair the following cell phone issues; iPhone repair, Android repair, Cracked screen replacement, Backglass replacement, Battery replacement, charging port repair,  Microphone repair, No power issue fix, and many more.
We will solve all issues with the iPhone screen and iPhone charging ports. For iPhone liquid damage repairing, our experienced technical team will replace your damaged iPhone battery. Hence you will be able to have the highest standard of smartphone repair anywhere in Bradenton.

Software Error Repair

OS or Software Installation

Are you facing problems installing the software on your system?

Don’t worry. Computer Repair Plus is on its way to help you to install the required software with supported drivers. We will also reinstall the useless apps for the smooth performance of your system. Also, we can help you to install a fresh operating system on your computer.

Data Recover From a Bad Hard Drive

Data Backup And Recovery

Computer repair plus is a group of specialized technicians for particular backup and recovery solutions. We value your business data and sensitive information. But if all they ruined just due to the sudden attacks of viruses, or system failure, you may lose your business. Hence, we are a leading data backup and recovery master. We will set special backup plans and set the alarm and notification systems. They will alert and inform you before the data breaches. Hence, no one can try to sneak your system without your permission.

Network issue fix

Networking And Server Maintenance

We are giving our services as a network administrator to maintain your Windows server and conduct active and defensive maintenance while checking the server’s performance against the point of reference, targeting the effective safety measure, and detecting the recovery protocols. Hence we will install and configure the direct system monitoring resources.