Computer Support Services

At Computers Repair Plus, we understand the need for support, especially when it comes to technology and gadgets. Technology is developing at a faster pace and every day we find new software and devices. In such cases, knowing about computer repair services and a trusted computer repair store is essential.


We provide support services to our customers and help them with issues pertaining to their laptops, PCs, and any software trouble that they are facing. We are here for any support that you may need.

Computer Repair and Help

We can help you with diagnosing and troubleshooting any issue that you may face. Depending on your requests and urgency we can provide service instantly by connecting you to our agent online or via phone call. They can create a secure connection to fix the issue.


Our staff can fix the issue right in front of you and diagnose issues that pertain to your PC or laptop. Some issues may require bringing the computer to the center like broken screen repair, full laptop repair, and other issues.

Computer Tune-up

If you need any help with the improvement of your computer’s performance, we are here to support you. We can help with the speed and performance enhancement of your computer. We can also perform system clean-up defragmentation.


We assist in cleaning unnecessary programs, hardware, and virus removal if needed. We can repair any damage that has occurred to your computer and enhance its overall performance. Your system can accumulate too many unwanted programs that slow down your computer. We remove it and boost your computer’s functionality.

OS Installation and Re-Installation

We can help with complete Operating System setup and installation for your Windows or Mac computer. We ensure that the audio drivers, printer applications, required software, and updates are found and installed correctly. This is crucial for your laptop and PC’s smooth functioning.

Therefore we set up your OS as per your device’s requirements. We only install the correct Operating system that can optimize the speed and reliability of your computer. If needed, we can also reinstall the Operating System of your computer.

Computer Hard Drive Reset

If you have a new computer that needs to be set up with the existing data from your old computer, we are here to do that. We can wipe the existing data clean from your old computer and create a backup.


We also transfer that backup data from the backup drive and set it up in your new device. We understand the importance of sensitive and crucial data, therefore we perform all the backup in front of you. We can also set up your online accounts and data if you want. Our technicians ensure that your computer is all set up for your use and nothing is amiss.


Support is something that we need in tides when it comes to technology and devices. Setting up new Operating systems, resets, and tune-ups can be a daunting task when you have to do it alone. Therefore, we are here to provide computer support services that are here to back you in every situation and problem.