Computer Consultant

Computer Consultant In Bradenton

Besides offering computer repair services, we offer computer consultancy to our clients. We understand the difficulty of setting up a new PC, and the support one needs to navigate through new devices. We are here to support you in finding new PCs and laptops depending on your needs as well as help you set them up with the right software.


We are expert computer consultants who have abundant experience in the field of computers. We understand the needs, solutions, and maintenance and are always ready to help you out. You can seek our consultation service anytime for your work or home office.

Home and Business Set up

We provide assistance for all computer-related queries. If you have issues with your computer network, hard drives, software, or need help with the use of new technology, we are here for you. We take care of your complete computer set up, whether at home or at the office.


We are your go-to consultant for your computer set up at home or at your business. We understand the requirements of businesses and people who are working from home. Therefore, we provide efficient solutions and set up that can make your workspace better.

Effective Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

We provide new technology solutions for small businesses and people who are working from home that can effectively help them with their work. Our team is technologically equipped and understands the solutions. They can guide you towards the best computer solutions that can resolve problems easily.


As a computer repair company, our goal is to help you minimize issues and enhance productivity. Our consultation, therefore, aims at improving your device’s performance, reducing problems, and helping you use new technology that can keep you at the top of your game.

Computer Network Setup

Setting up the computer network is essential for an efficient work environment both at home and at the office. We can set up the whole computer network for your home as well as your office.


Whether it is setting the router, configuring the security and IP address, accessing the router’s interface, or setting up your account, we can do it all. At the office, we first evaluate the network you will need for your work and set up the network. We can help you with wired as well as a wireless network and all the hardware equipment that you will need.

Custom Build Laptop

Do you want to have a laptop especially customized for you? We can help you with that. We build custom laptops for our clients. If you want, we can build your laptop to suit your work and requirements.

We understand the requirements of a home office and the software and hardware that is essential for a seamless workflow. Our team thus builds your laptop with high security, effective system, essential software, and backup drives that make your device highly efficient and ideal for all the tasks you want to perform.

Computer Parts Upgrade

We can upgrade any computer parts that need an upgrade. Sometimes, laptops and PCs stop performing due to a malfunction in certain parts of a computer. By replacing those parts, you can increase the longevity of your computer and increase its efficiency.


We can easily repair and upgrade the computer’s motherboard, hard drive, sound card, modem and network, video card, and other parts that need improvement.


Our consultation services are meant to help laptop and desktop users have an organized and secure network for work. We set up everything that you can possibly need so that you don’t have to worry about it. Book your consultation today!