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Desktop PC

If you face lagging issues with your working system, then it’s time to contact Computers Repairs Plus.

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Your problems:

  • You are turning on the computer, but it does not work.
  • Your windows or MAC PC does show clicks, clunks, or whirs despite pressing the power button.
  • The PC light is on, but it is dead in its working.
  • You may be worried about losing all your important store data.
  • Your computer is on, but it is too slow.
  • Your PC runs slow, takes forever to the start-up or shut down, and will even just shut itself off.
  • You are unable to get into your mail, and it takes forever to find the sites.
  • Your printer, Keyboard, or Mouse is not working.
  • You cannot work as your CPU, GPU, motherboard, and power supply all get hotter and harder.
  • The computer is displaying a blue screen.
  • The computer freezes and restart.
  • The PC screen is not showing anything despite turning it on.

Our solution:

  • We will check and repair all hardware components that have failed to do the work.
  • Our technicians will check the cooling fans that run a little bit quieter.
  • They can even come to your home or place of business to pick up your machine.
  • We will check and remove any CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras, or external hard drives.
  • When your desktop displays an error during start-up, we will check the hardware configuration.
  • We will diagnose the corrupt old and redundant files that quickly build up in the computer and cause it to run slow.
  • When your printer, Mouse, or your peripherals connected through USB are not working, we will adequately check the motherboard faults.
  • When the computer screen shows nothing, we will test all cables, hardware, and software issues and resolve them.

Moreover, if your system screen crashes or you have broken any hardware of your system, we will serve you for all these as well. We have all the hardware accessories for all brands at cheap prices than our competitors.

Custom-built PC

Computers Repair Plus is a team of qualified technicians to build the customs PCs to provide you with consistent mechanisms. You will see all our services are available at affordable prices than our competitors. We will build the custom computer for personal uses, commercial uses, gaming purposes, or graphical purposes. We will provide you the mass-manufactured PCs.

Moreover, we will make your device to possess effective and consistent hardware accessories and quality configuration. You will be amazed to see the operating speed after getting back your system. We comprehensively test all custom-built PCs to check their working speed. We will upgrade the software and drives at their peak version. An effective firewall will be installed to make the protection guarantee. All these will be done at cheap rates.

While after hiring our custom-built up services, you will be stunned to see its up-gradation and configuration. We will upgrade it while targeting particular purposes. For example, if you are going to make it best for the games, we will upgrade its RAM and GPU. If you are going to use it for educational and official uses, we will focus on its CPU.

Our main focus will be to give you a particular custom-built device for your special purpose.


For a laptop, we are offering the following repairing services;

  • Blue Screen Error / Windows Auto Repair Screen
  • Broken or damaged LCD repairing
  • Laptop LED screen repairing
  • Damaged keyboard repairing
  • Defective touchpad or mouse pad repairing
  • Faulty RAM and hard disc drive repairing
  • SSD repairing and changing
  • HDD improvements
  • Battery repairing
  • Power jack settings
  • Cooling fan reparation
  • Troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows reinstallation and upgrade
  • Data sharing, backup, and recovery
  • backup and remove the faulty registry files

You just have to bring your laptop to our repairing center and let us the problem. Our expert IT technicians will check it thoroughly and apply the appropriate repairing at cheap rates. We have all hardware and software parts for all models. We will replace the damaged item with the new one. Our hardware supplies are of high quality. We will replace the required item while matching it to your brand.