Mobile Phone Repair

Cell phone problems?

We know that the mobile phone is an essential requirement of this modern day. It helps us to stay tuned to our far-off beloved, relatives, and friends. Even modern technology has also shifted a larger part of the business to mobile phones. Its importance also increases when you are a business holder. Because we remain in touch with our clients, and their requirements. You have to contact your staff to inform them about your next step. Even it will be your first companion to present at numerous places in one time.

But when it is out of order, life looks like a jammed wheel. Someone will be like a paralyzed body without it. You will be disconnected from your clients or workers. You will be irritated when your mobile phone is not working properly. That’s why a proper working cell phone is our priority.

Computers Repair Plus technician team is highly professional to repair all kinds of iPhone and tablet such as Apple, iPad, Apple Watch, LG, Samsung, Google Pixel, and OnePlus brand at affordable prices. We will resolve all related issues from the iPhone screen, iPhone charging ports, and battery shifting. You can catch us anywhere in Bradenton to solder the minute section of your gadget.

Your device problems

  • The camera is cracked. It is not working or showing a blurred display.
  • The touch digitizer glass is broken.
  • The mobile phone is not supporting the charger or draining faster than it should be.
  • The mobile screen is damaged, bent, and marked.
  • Do you want to renew your damaged mobile screen?
  • Your mobile phone is not charging, or it is not showing the charger when you plugged in.
  • The mobile phone is giving a crunching voice, or it is not giving any sound at all.
  • The buttons of your mobile phone are jammed, rigid, or unresponsive.
  • The phone’s LDC is spoiled.
  • The loudspeaker is not working, and you cannot hear a call.
  • The home button of the phone is jam, or sometimes it does not work.

Our Phone Repair Services

We will repair the mobile phone screen when its touch panel is not working. We will fix the broken or cracked screens, front screen light faults, blots, and flickering light issues. Hence we will repair and replace the front glass cracking and LCD.

  • When your phone has lost sound or its quality is damaged, we will change the loudspeaker. First of all, our trained technicians will fully diagnose it and then do their work. They will quickly resolve the issues of your disorder mic.
  • Our expert IT technicians will test the reason for ‘charger not supported’ and change the battery to a brand new high-quality battery. We store brand new and A-Grade parts for all repairs purposes. If your phone or iPad is not charging or has broken charging ports, our A+ micro trained technicians will repair or change the mobile phone USB port and broken iPad charging port.
  • If you face the home button and fingerprint sensors’ problems, we are here to support you. You may also encounter the issues of not responding home key. We will change the fallacious home key, its faulty wires, and connections. We will change the faulty home key.
  • You can also come to us when you have broken your mobile phone home button, or it is not responding according to your commands. We will check all wiring connections and will apply suitable repairing.
  • Did you drop your mobile phone into water or other liquid?

We will open the device, clean and dry the internal parts affected by the water, and then repair it thoroughly.

  • You can also catch us to repair your faulty mobile phone camera if it does not capture the images or give blur images. Don’t worry if your phone is getting overheated or showing the software updates.
  • We have all the mobile phone parts at our repairing center. While hearing about any damaged part we will replace it according to the matched brand.

Just make us a call at;

+1 941 567 6431

If it is a minor issue, we will make recommendations or solve them virtually. Otherwise, we will require you to bring your gadget to our repairing shop for complete testing.