Computer Store

Besides being a computer repair store, we also sell accessories and essential computer parts. If you have been looking for the best computer repair store that sells accessories, computer parts, and more we are happy to assist!


At our store, you will find qualified computer experts and technicians who can repair your computer. Along with that, you will also find refurbished computers, desktop PCs, and tablets. So if you want we can replace your broken computer anytime.

Computer Parts

We sell different parts of desktop PCs and laptops. You can find various storage devices, expansion cards, motherboards, computer cases, and power supply units at our store. As computer experts, we understand the necessity of quick repair and replacement of computer parts. Therefore, you don’t have to go anywhere to get these parts replaced, we can do it for you.

Computer Accessories

If you want new accessories for your computer, you can find them at Computers Repair Plus. Keyboards, mouse, laptop bags, routers, adapters, Bluetooth devices, printers, and other accessories that you may need for your computer. Get them now!


These accessories are essential for the seamless performance of your computer and enable you to have an amazing work experience.

Refurbished Gadgets

Computers Repair Plus also sells refurbished gadgets with all the latest upgrades, accessories, and parts that run as smoothly as a brand new computer. We sell refurbished laptops, desktop PCs, and tablets of all brands at our store. We used solid state drive SSD for all our refurbished laptops and desktop computer. If you are looking for refurbished, smooth devices with a limited warranty, you can find them at our store.